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02 11, 2011

Dr McCormick Celebrates 40 Years in Practice

History of Our Practice

When I came out of dental school in 1971, I found a job as an associate working with Thomas Churchman, DDS. At that time the practice was located at 2000 Peralta Blvd, also in Fremont. In 1973, a new building was constructed at 40000 Fremont Blvd and we moved from Peralta. At that time we looked out at an 18 hole Executive Golf Course with fields of flowers to the east and north. Over the years the scenery has changed, filling up the natural landscape with buildings, both residences and businesses.

I purchased the practice in 1976, and have remained at this same location for the past 38 years. Originally we had 3 treatment rooms, but expanded the current 6 rooms around 1980. Our neighbor tenants have come and gone and we are the only remaining original tenants.

In the following years, I have had 6 different dentists working with me, as well as quite a few employees. I am happy to say my current team consists of my office manager, Sheri, who started as a high school student in a1987; Joy, my expanded duty assistant for many years, and who now manages our continuing care program and helps in every area of the practice, started in 1982; Grace and Diana, our two fantastic dental hygienists, started in 1984 and 1988 respectively; Julie and Angela, our very talented Registered Dental Assistants, are relative newcomers, both starting in 2006; and most recently, Janine, our part time receptionist and the daughter of Diana, our hygienist, started in 2007.

High Tech Changes Dentistry

In 1971, there was virtually no use of technology in dentistry. Computers were in their infancy, and manual appointments books, billing, and bookkeeping were all that was available. Over the years, as computers evolved, and have become part of our everyday world, they have totally changed the way we run our dental practice. Now, pretty much every phase of dentistry is organized by computer. Scheduling, billing, X-rays, making crowns, doing exams, treatment planing, and even keeping tract of hours worked are all done on computer. We have computers in every room, and when the power goes down, we really cannot function. We now have lasers, CADCAM crowns, implants, bonded fillings (no more silver amalgam fillings), and lights used to speed up placing fillings. The new way of practicing dentistry is better for patients, and much more enjoyable for dentists.

Brendan Selway, DDS

My new partner, Dr Selway, has been a tremendous addition to our office. He reminds me of myself when I was starting out. He has a love of dentistry and is talented, professional and friendly. He is a family man, with four young boys, and a fifth boy on the way. He is very experienced in oral surgery after a year long residency, and now going on three years in our practice. He loves doing implants, extractions, as well as all other aspects of dentistry. He will be a very successful dentist for many years to come.

The Future

It will be interesting to see what happens to the field of dentistry in the next 20 years. Maybe a vaccine to prevent dental decay? New methods of making dentistry even more painless and easier for patients? New materials that are exact matches for enamel color and texture? No one knows, but it will be exciting to see. You as patients will be the beneficiaries of the new and better dentistry.

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