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28 06, 2016

Introducing Our New Cone-Beam CT

Meet the latest technology we’ve acquired to enhance your dental care…

At Fremont Cosmetic Dentistry, we’re dedicated to providing you with the latest in advanced technology to improve your dental treatment. We’ve recently acquired an amazing new scanner that will help us to plan and implement many different types of treatment to the very highest standard. It’s called a cone-beam CT.

What’s a cone-beam CT?

Most people are familiar with X-rays. The traditional “X-ray” is a photograph taken with X-ray waves, which readily penetrate soft tissue but not bone, allowing good visualization of bony anatomy.

Many have heard of a “CT scan,” but may not realize that it’s another way to use X-rays. CT stands for “computerized tomography.” A scanner rotates around the patient to take a series of X-rays, and then a computer uses these to create a 3D model of that part of the body. The doctor or dentist can rotate the model and study it from many angles to get a detailed sense of the structures involved.

A cone-beam CT is a specialized type of CT. Rather than a concentrated beam of X-ray waves, the machine uses a more spread-out X-ray beam. This looks like a cone, because it’s generated at one point and then spreads out from there. That’s why it’s called a cone-beam CT. The machine rotates once around the area to be scanned, taking a series of images.

What can our new ORTHOPHOS SL 3D do for you?

In many types of dental practice, having an accurate and detailed image of the structures of the mouth is essential. For example, when placing dental implants, the dentist needs to know the thickness and shape of the bone, the locations of the other tooth roots surrounding the space, and where other important structures are. When planning orthodontic treatment (such as with Invisalign), the locations of all of the tooth roots, their angles, and their relationships to each other are all important pieces of information. There are a wide variety of other applications as well.

With our new scanner, we have an unprecedented ability to detect the structures of the mouth and plan treatment accordingly. It takes less than a minute to take a full image of your mouth using this technology. That means increased comfort for you, as well as more detailed images for us.

Dentist in Fremont

If you’re searching for a great dentist in Fremont, the addition of our new scanner simply adds one more reason to come to Fremont Cosmetic Dentistry. We also have a specialist Implant Dentist (Dr. Selway), recently honored by being inducted into two professional societies for implant dentistry. With our new technology plus Dr. Selway’s skills, there’s clearly no better place to seek dental implants. You might be considering Invisalign, or want the security of knowing that any potential issues with your teeth or jaw bones can be diagnosed accurately in under a minute. Of course, you might be looking for a compassionate and friendly dentist who truly makes you feel comfortable when you come for a visit. The simple act of kindness will always be our specialty.

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