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Margaret is very happy with the dentists, the staff, and the dental technology at our Fremont, CA dental practice.

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MARGARET: Everybody seems to be very low key. And Dr. Cortese and Dr. Selway is very, very nice. As soon as I walk in through the door, I am just at ease. It’s not done that way here. Everything is done that day, which is incredible. It’s digital. Everything is up on the screens where you can see it. And they show them to me. They invite me to, you know if I have questions about anything, everything is right there so I can see it.
I was actually recommended by another patient of Dr. Cortese and Dr. Selway to come here and I’m very happy. I loved the fact that when I started coming here, was that we were able to be entertained while we were having our dental work done. They put the goggles on. You can watch a movie. You can pick a movie that you, you know””I have seen a couple of movies here that I haven’t seen before. So that’s worked out okay.
It’s comfortable. It’s very comfortable, very personable when I come in. That was the first thing that I loved when I came. I noticed that right off the top. They made you feel very comfortable. I’ve never been nervous in this office as I have in other offices before, so that was a big change for me for the good.
With the staff, they remember, you know my schedules when I come in. They know where I’d like to be scheduled, which is great. I’m very happy about that, that you know we don’t have to go over that all of the time. It’s always oh, you like to come in on a certain day, certain time. They’re very good about that. So they can accommodate me and I think that’s what’s been really comfortable about coming here. You know when I need to cancel, reschedule appointments, they’re right there on the phones constantly. Service is great. It’s been absolutely tremendous here.
I don’t ever feel that pressure that it has to be done by tomorrow. Or it has to be done within a certain timeframe, you know. It’s just this is what needs to be done. It should be done. And there is no pressure as to when to make your appointments, which is great, you know. That has been nice because I’ve been to other places where it has been that way.
I’ve never had a problem with any of my crowns that I’ve had to come back or uncomfortable, you know, anything””nothing like that. If there was a little bit extra work that needed to be done, I’ve gotten phone calls from the doctor’s office from Dr. Cortese and Dr. Selway, follow-up phone calls, how I’m doing? How is the crown working, a couple of days later, any problems? You know, so that’s great.