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At Dr. Glenn McCormick’s practice in Fremont, CA, Dr. McCormick and Dr. Selway use the latest technology in dentistry to provide you and your family with the highest quality care in one friendly, convenient location.

NARRATOR: For many patients at Fremont Cosmetic Dentistry, a trip to the dentist isn’t what most people would expect. MARGARET: As soon as I walk in through the door, I am just at ease. NARRATOR: The feelings of stress and anxiety are often non-existent here because there is such a sense of familiarity between the staff and the patients. DR. GLENN MCCORMICK: We have a lot of people that have been coming here for 20, 30 years. We have a long time staff that is almost like friends to a lot of our patients after 20 and 30 years. SHERRI CORREIA: Our patients have known me since I was young, so it’s nice when they come in. You know, now they know my kids and now patients that were young are having kids, so that makes it enjoyable as well. DIANNA GOO: This practice is like working with your family. In fact, the patients are great. We’ve developed a real close relationship with them and we consider a lot of them to be family and friends. NARRATOR: Dr. Glenn McCormick has been here since day one. This soft-spoken cosmetic dentist has created and maintained a low key dental environment that patients have really come to appreciate. REGINALD: I think that it reflects him because the whole staff are very low key and very personable. MARGARET: Everybody seems to be very low key and Dr. McCormick is very, very nice. NARRATOR: In 2009, Dr. Brendan Selway, a native of Fremont, joined Dr. McCormick’s dental family and immediately started handling the majority of the dental surgeries at the practice and cases involving children. Dr. Selway immediately fit right in. DR. BRENDAN SELWAY: I came in here and started seeing patients and right off the bat, you feel like you’re at home. NARRATOR: Dr. Selway is highly skilled in dental procedures like the placement of implants, root canal therapy, extractions, and more. That expertise, along with the years of cosmetic and general experience from Dr. McCormick makes this practice a one-stop shop for just about any dental need a patient might have. Look around the office and you’ll see everything that makes this dentistry so unique. In the front lobby, you’ll notice a cozy waiting room area, flowers at the reception desk for each patient, and state-of-the-art equipment ranging from lasers, to digital x-rays, to a CEREC machine, all that benefit the patients and staff. DIANA GOO: And he’s really a gadget’s kind of a guy, which is really fun for us because we get to play with the new technology. And I think it’s neat for the patients because they get the best of care because he likes to have the newest equipment around. NARRATOR: This is just a small list of the many services Fremont Cosmetic Dentistry has been providing for generations of families throughout Northern California. While this office and staff have served patients well for the last couple of decades, it is poised to do the same for the next generation, looking for proper oral health and a beautiful smile.