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Our dentists at the dental office of Glenn W. McCormick, DDS offer a wide range of procedures to restore your bright and beautiful smile. The cosmetic procedures available at our Fremont, CA practice include teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, orthodontics, and more.

DR. GLENN MCCORMICK: Cosmetic dentistry is really for anyone these days who doesn’t like the way their teeth look. It can be as simple as reshaping a few teeth up in the front, just minor rounding of the corners. It can be whitening teeth. It can be orthodontics to straighten the front teeth. And it can include something more major like veneers or crowns on all the front teeth if they have more major problems.
The new materials we have, the results are always very good. People are surprised at how easy it can be sometimes and how quickly it can be done. It’s just part of our regular routine. Sometimes it’s optional, but it is something very—something that people want. And I think we’re very good at doing it.