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At our Fremont, CA cosmetic dentistry practice, Dr. Glenn McCormick provides patients who want to straighten their front teeth with Six Month Smiles® and Invisalign®.

DR. GLENN MCCORMICK: Orthodontics has always been pretty much a specialty which isn’t done in a general dentist’s office. But with new technologies, with the titanium wires, tooth-colored braces and wires, general dentistry is doing a lot more. But now we enjoy doing it.
What we do is mostly for adults. The major orthodontic cases, we still refer to orthodontists. But we have several different methods of doing orthodontics here. Invisalign is one that’s real advertised around the country and we’ve been doing some of that. And we also have a new technique called Six Month Smiles where we actually use braces and wires which are teeth-colored. We can straighten people’s front teeth within six to eight months.
The ideal patient for orthodontics in our office is an adult who has never really liked their front teeth because they’re crooked.
Six Month Smiles gives us very efficient tooth movement so we have very good results in a quick period of time. And a lot of people don’t have orthodontics because they think another two years. I don’t want to wear braces for two years. This is a fairly quick way of doing it and we have very good results.
Invisalign is another way of treating orthodontic cases. It’s been around for quite awhile now and the results are well documented. And the advantage of Invisalign is you have no brackets or braces on your teeth. You wear clear aligners, allowing us to. over a period of 10 to 15 different aligners, straighten your teeth.
For those of you who have thought about orthodontics in the past but never really wanted to do it, now is the time to start looking at it because the new technologies, the new ways of doing orthodontics are efficient, and quick, and you don’t have to look like you have brace-face for two years.