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Porcelain veneers are a long lasting solution for patients who looking to conceal discolored, crooked, chipped, and misshaped teeth.

DR. GLENN MCCORMICK: Porcelain veneers are for anyone who has a little more major problem with their teeth and they want to make them look better. So it could be if somebody has slight crowding who doesn’t want to go into orthodontics. It can be people that have discolored teeth or whitening doesn’t get them as white as they want. People who have chipped teeth or a lot of fillings on their front teeth, veneers are a way to make them look really nice, really terrific, and still be fairly conservative in the amount of teeth we have to restore.
From the time we do the preparations on veneers to the time we seed them can be between a week and two weeks. And the people will be amazed at the difference in the way their teeth look.
The process of doing porcelain veneers is really quite simple. People come in, we do minimal preparation on the teeth, take some impressions, make some temporaries that will cover them so they look good in the interim. And usually about two weeks later, they come in, we bond those veneers onto the teeth and you’re finished. It’s, you know, minimal anesthetic and a very simple procedure. You really can’t tell that you have anything on your teeth. And most people looking at them wouldn’t know exactly what it is. They just know that their teeth look good. They look—the color is good. They’re straight. And they say, wow, you have nice teeth.