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A Fremont, CA resident, Reginald, has been a patient of Dr. Glenn W. McCormick’s practice for about 3 years. Our dentists did exceptional work on Reginald’s teeth and he couldn’t be any happier about his smile.

REGINALD: I’ve been coming here for about two, two and a half years now. And my experience has been great. I’ve had a lot of work that needed done and not having any dental work in over six years or more, they were able to come in and get my smile back. I mean I’ve been embarrassed for the last seven years to smile and now I can smile with confidence.
I like the fact of coming to one place because you know what’s expected. They know what to do for you. They know how to take the x-rays. And they’ll tell you what they see if there is decay, or there’s trouble that’s brewing. They’re able to see it ahead of time and they’ll do things according to what your needs are. And that’s what I appreciate the most.
I like the fact that they give you enough time for scheduling, and they allow you to make your own time as well, and then they also let you know when your time is coming up. They don’t’ wait until the last moment to call you. You get e-mails or phone calls to let you know that your schedule is coming up. And I like the fact that they are very good at what they do.
The mission is about complete. As a matter of a fact, for the first time, I can actually say that my mouth feels wonderful. I have no pain, no aches, no sensitivity. And I can say, just from my experience here, I wouldn’t have—I don’t think I would have gotten the treatment anywhere else other than here because they knew exactly what to give me and when to do it.