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Aligned Teeth Make for a Healthy and Gorgeous Smile

Orthodontics in Fremont, Ca.

Dr. Cortese and Dr. Selway, and our dedicated dental team, strongly believe that you are never too old to correct misaligned teeth. Whether you have crooked teeth, gaps, an overcrowded mouth, or an incorrect bite, consider advanced orthodontic treatments offered at our Fremont-based practice.

Orthodontics isn’t what it used to be. You can achieve an aligned, picture-perfect smile, quickly and efficiently, and without anyone else knowing. We provide orthodontics to mainly adult patients who may be self-conscious, or are concerned about oral health issues, due to an imperfect smile. At the practice of Dr. Cortese and Dr. Selway, our goal is for you to have a pleasant experience, while receiving outstanding orthodontic treatment. Contact our Fremont dental practice today for more information. We aim for you to leave our office feeling confident and satisfied with your new smile.

Orthodontic Breakthroughs to Quickly and Inconspicuously Achieve a Perfect Smile

We don’t just administer orthodontics to patients; we enjoy doing it, and that means we do it well. Our office utilizes modern orthodontic practices, which make the process as comfortable and seamless as possible. We offer procedures that allow you to correct imperfect teeth more easily than ever.


You may have heard of Invisalign® before, as it is a widely proven method for realigning the teeth. Removable, clear trays, also known as aligners, are used as an alternative to an alternative to brackets or braces, to move teeth gradually and gently into their proper position. Generally, 10 to 15 different aligners are used throughout the treatment, with each aligner replacing the next in the series every two weeks or so. Depending on the extent of your misalignment, treatment with Invisalign® usually requires no more time than treatment with traditional braces. In addition, the aligners are removable, relatively painless, and virtually undetectable, allowing you to transform your smile comfortably and inconspicuously.

Six Month Smiles

This orthodontic treatment works exactly as its name suggests-quickly. Patients normally associate orthodontics with a long, drawn out process. Most adults are turned off by the idea of spending up to two years in metal braces. Six month smiles allows patients to achieve a flawless smile in a matter of months. The results of this treatment have proven to be consistently exceptional. Additionally, tooth-colored braces and wires can be utilized for a subtle orthodontic treatment that others may not even notice.

New orthodontic methods have been designed to eliminate the agony of traditional, metal braces, particularly to appeal to adults. Dr. Cortese and Dr. Selway feel that everyone deserves to be happy with his or her smile. We will diagnose your unique orthodontic case and present your options, so you can be pleased with the way your smile looks.

Learn More about Orthodontics

The office of Dr. Cortese and Dr. Selway offers a vast array of treatments for virtually any dental case. If you are seeking to improve the alignment of your teeth, contact us today. A qualified representative will respond to your queries about orthodontics in Fremont, California, with a quick respond.

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