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Advanced Imaging Dentist in Fremont

As your Fremont dentist, we’re committed to using the most advanced technology to improve your dental care. One of our newest pieces of equipment is our Orthophos SL 3D-i imaging system. This cone-beam CT scanner gives us a greatly enhanced ability to provide you with the best dental care. Here’s how.

What’s a cone-beam CT?

Many dental offices use X-ray images of their patients’ teeth and jaw bones. These are simply photographs taken using a type of waves called X-rays, instead of visible light. In most cases, a digital detector is now used in place of film, but the process is the same. Only one X-ray can be taken at a time, so if the dentist needs multiple images to provide good care, the patient must sit through a long session of taking them.

A CT (or “computed tomography”) scan is an enhanced type of X-ray. Instead of just one photograph, the scanner rotates around the body, taking many images. This allows the computer software to generate a 3D model of the target part of the body. Although it may sound complex (and, on a digital level, it is), the entire scan takes just a few minutes or less to complete.

A cone-beam CT has an advantage over a regular CT scanner. Instead of the standard beam of X-rays, which is fan-shaped, the cone-beam machine uses a cone-shaped X-ray beam. This gives the cone-beam CT the ability to create better resolution at lower radiation doses. The scanner generates a high-quality image with only one rotation around the patient’s head, which makes the procedure more comfortable for the patient and also reduces the impact of patient movement on the image.

Out high-tech system

Out of the many models on the market, we’ve chosen the Orthophos SL 3D-i for our office. This imaging system is specifically designed to meet the needs of dentists, and can produce a detailed scan of the entire oral region in under one minute.

Using this scanner allows us to place dental implants into the strongest possible bone, while helping us to damage to important structures such as nerves. It assists in the planning of Invisalign for straightening teeth. It has many other uses, including allowing us to visualize unerupted teeth (such as wisdom teeth), and to determine the extent of damage to the roots of teeth in case of trauma or severe decay. We always provide you with the very highest-quality dental care, including the use of the most advanced technology. Our cone-beam CT scanner is simply the latest addition to our toolbox.

Dentist in Fremont

If you’re looking for a dentist in Fremont, consider trusting Fremont Cosmetic Dentistry with your oral care needs. The combination of advanced technology and advanced training (including Dr. Selway’s recent honors in implant dentistry) lets you know you’ll receive the best possible dental care. Most importantly to us, our patients feel comfortable here, since we treat our patients like friends, with the highest respect for each person. If you’d like to come and experience the Fremont Cosmetic Dentistry difference, please contact us to schedule your appointment today.

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