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15 11, 2011

Popular Smile Makeover Treatments

When it comes to getting the dental treatment that you need when you need it most, there are plenty of issues to consider. Our Fremont cosmetic dentists will need to assess your situation to ensure you get the dental care treatment that you need, but rest assured that our team as the skills and the resources to improve the health of your smile as well as the beauty of your smile. This goes for patients of all ages regardless what dental health issues they may be facing.

What is a smile makeover?

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29 08, 2011

Sensitivity after Tooth Whitening

If you have stains on your teeth or discoloration, one of the best options to consider is teeth whitening. Professional teeth whitening with a dentist is much more effective than the products that you can get at the local store. In just one professional teeth whitening treatment, your smile can be brightened by several whole shades. This means that the yellowing caused by cigarettes, coffee, tea, red wine, and cola will be greatly minimized. Many people visit Fremont cosmetic dentistDr. Cortese and Dr....Read More

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12 04, 2011

Teeth Whitening Alternatives

If you have teeth that are a little stained or discolored, you know just how much that can make your smile less appealing. In most cases, the best options for whitening and brightening your teeth is undergoing professional teeth whitening with a dentist. We actually perform many teeth whitening treatments for tooth discoloration at our Fremont cosmetic dentistryoffice each year and most of out patients are extremely pleased with the results.

Whitening Alternatives

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